Users' Manual - Chuck Kraemer

Users' Manual

1. WELCOME. May you have all sunny days, and if it rains, may you win at Scrabble.

2. BASIC KITCHEN AND HOUSEHOLD SUPPLIES are provided. Please replenish anything that runs out during your stay.

3. LIVING ROOM SOFA folds out into a double bed. Not the most comfortable bed on Cape Cod. Please be careful not to sit on the sofa if you are wearing lots of sunscreen or other lotions.

4. TRASH DAYS are Wednesday and Saturday. Unless you're an early riser, better put trash out Tuesday and Friday nights, since it's supposed to be ready by 6am. All trash must be bagged and put in the large wheeled container in the cellar. Leave it beside our driveway right where it joins the dirt road. For any trash collection problems call Seaside Disposal at 508 255-1070. This is a new disposal company.

4.5 COMPOST BIN. For all organic garbage if you care to use it. A shovel and supply of dirt is kept beside the bin, to cover whatever you add. This helps keep the animals away. Composting creates good soil for our pots and window boxes and helps keep critters away from the trash barrel.

5. FUEL SUPPLY. Water heater is fueled by propane, from the big tank at the south end of house. You should never run out, but if you do call Snow’s at 255-1090. Should the pilot light go out, re-lighting is described on the heater. Or call Snow’s. The kitchen stove is all electric. Sometimes the orange light remains lit even when no burner is on. Wiggling the burner knobs usually fixes the problem. The outdoor grill has two propane tanks available (one stored under deck), but if you run out anyhow, a refill is available on Rt. 6 in Eastham, at Atlantic Oaks Campground, 508 255 1437, or at Snow’s in Orleans.

6. THE CORDLESS PHONE handset should stay in its cradle in the hallway when not used for long periods. If it loses its charge you’re without a land line until it recharges. The house number is 508 255-8680. We do not have long-distance service. Use cell phones or phone calling cards for long distance. The 508, 617, 781, 978 area codes ARE considered local calls.

7. EMERGENCY NUMBERS: Kraemer 781 646-4645 Avery 617 964-7629 Patsy cell 781 858-8629 Chuck cell 781 771-4404 Irwin cell 617 694 2984

8. THE UPSTAIRS LOFT affords extra sleeping space for up to three children or two short adults. The ladder simply tips across the hall door and rests on the gray pipe. The triangular window and skylight window both improve ventilation for the whole house when you want outside air to come in. However, if you're using the main room air conditioner, close off the loft by shutting the two doors at the top of the ladder. Please do not leave a window fan running in the loft when you are not there. Close both loft windows if it rains. The triangular window is kept shut by inserting a provided dowel between the window frame and the nearest rafter. Small dimples in both the rafter and the frame keep the dowel from slipping.

9. WOOD STOVE may be used if nights or mornings are chilly. Kindling and some logs are in cellar room to far right. Any cut firewood found outside is too big for the stove. Kindly leave the stove clean by emptying the ash drawer into the compost bin after the embers die and all is cool.

10. LEAF FOR TABLE, if not already in the table, is behind the sofa.

11. WASHER AND DRYER in cellar. Please use lowest possible water temperature, and water level, especially with beach towels or other heavy items. Approaching departure day, please plan your laundering so you do not need to leave anything in either the washer or dryer. If either appliance fails, call Kraemers or Averys or Curt’s Appliance Service, 508 3493256 or 508 2556433. For operating questions for any appliance, refer to red file on the top shelf of the hall closet.

12. RECYCLING bins for deposits, non-deposit-plastic-glass-metal, and cardboard are in the cellar, clearly marked. PLEASE RINSE ALL CONTAINERS THOROUGHLY. Do not put recycling bins out for trash collection. Owners will deal with it when they are there.

13. BEWARE THE RACCOONS. At night, they'll consider any open door an invitation to come in and help themselves to edibles. Due to rabies danger, ALL raccoons ANYWHERE should be avoided. Be aware that rabies sometimes makes a wild animal TAME. Know also the Cape woods are a haven for TICKS. If you, or your animals, venture off beaten paths, check your body and clothes afterward to make sure you haven't become an unwitting host.

14. INTERIOR CLIMATE. Air conditioners are in place in the main room and one bedroom. Portable window fans are also provided. Curtaining off the deck windows during hot days is the best way to keep the main room cool, especially if you do it about mid-morning, before the sun starts to strike the windows. Three curtain panels, if they’re not already hanging up when you arrive, are kept in the dresser under the map. The grommets go over the pegs above the sliders. All three panels can also be folded and hung on the two innermost pegs, keeping them handy but letting in the light. On very hot days, it’s best to shut the doors to the loft. The small fan in the roof above the loft ladder runs automatically on a thermostat, using solar power.

15. ELECTRICAL OUTAGES occur on the Cape somewhat more often than "the mainland." If you have either a complete loss of power or a constant flickering of all the lights in the house and cannot reach the Kraemers or Averys, ComElectric's emergency number is 1 800 642 7070. Be ready to report the address: 135R Nauset Light Road, Eastham.

16. SATELLITE TELEVISION is free to anybody who can figure out the remote and the on-screen menu.

17. INTERNET CONNECTION on a computer is by dial-up only, with a drop-down phone jack provided above the dining table and tied off near the top of the ladder. Or through your personal cell phone, which means the connection is only as good as your cell service. Adequate but slow is typical. No high-speed cable has yet been strung to the area because, we are told, the National Seashore does not allow it. This despite the fact that the main access route to the neighborhood is Cable Road. A good alteernative if your desperate is to use the public library’s Wifi signal from your parked car, or the computers inside of the library is open.

18. PLEASE WATER OUR WINDOW BOXES, POTS AND FLOWER BEDS as needed. The boxes need watering at least every other day.

19. DECK UMBRELLA should be lowered when you leave and during windy weather.

20. DECK LIGHT ODDITY. The outside light over the deck and the basement stairs takes a second or two to come on. Don’t think it’s burned out and give up. You’ll need it to get to the basement at night.

21. EARLIEST CHECK-IN TIME IS 2pm. CHECK-OUT TIME is no later than 10am. A cleaning person comes between 10am and noon. Please leave the cottage as neat as you found it, and leave the key on the nail under the back porch.

22. GOOD EATS. Here are our current favorite restaurants between Orleans and Provincetown:

Eastham, Rt. 6 and Brackett Road

Friendly Fisherman. Both a grocery store and a take-out. Excellent fresh fish, bread, garden veggies, pies. At the take-out, the lobster roll is one of the best on the Cape.

Sam’s Deli. Brackett Road. Great sandwiches and other deli delights. Highly recommended.

Finely JP’s. Near the Wellfleet line. Brand new stylish building, good food, noisy.


Land-ho. Hearty, saloon atmosphere, mix of locals and wash-ashores.

Yardarm. Good family fare, casual.

Cap'n Cass's. At Rock Harbor, famously fresh fish, lobster.

Nauset Beach Club. Elegant Northern Italian.


Winslow Tavern Wicked Oyster. Spare elegance, good food.

P.J.'s. For take-out.

Rookies. Family stuff, excellent pizza.

PB Le Boulangerie & Bistro. Sensationally popular since it opened in 2010, and very busy through the entire day. But worth the trip and the wait. Excellent as a bistro, a bakery for take out, or for full (expensive) evening meal. Tres French but not fussy.



Terra Luna


The Lobster Pot. Always crowded, but one of best seafood places on Cape.

Cafe Edwige. Brunch, dinner both special.